Tracking and Reporting Analytics

JangoSMTP adds tracking features to your emails that allow you to see who has opened or clicked an email.
Transactional Groups allow you to organize your reporting to measure your results more effectively.
Track all website activity resulting from interaction with your email campaign using JangoSMTP’s integration with Google Analytics.
With the JangoSMTP API, you can pull reporting results into your own system—how you like, when you like—or use the Transactional Event API to have JangoSMTP push information to your system in real time.


Unparalleled Email Deliverability

JangoSMTP tracks soft and hard bounces to help prevent you from continuing to send to invalid email addresses that hurt your reputation.
Best practices for authorization and authentication using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records and Domain Keys/DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail).
Unsubscribes can be recorded and suppressed from all future send attempts.
All JangoSMTP sender IPs are registered in Feedback Loops with ISPs so you can track SPAM complaints and automatically suppress those addresses from future mailings.


Account Features

Two options for easy authentication: either use your IP address or use SMTP AUTH to pass in your user name and password.
Restrict who can use the JangoSMTP relay via the FROM address.
Utilize a Journaling Address to ensure you receive a copy of every email sent.
Host any assets that you plan on using in an email on our secure servers. Assets include images and documents.
Access the SMTP delivery log files for each message.


Email Content Features

Easily send all messages as Multi-Part MIME, allowing all your email clients to receive your message no matter what their system settings. You can provide either a plain text or HTML message and we will provide the other part and send them at the same time for the best results.